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About us

ProPhone exclusively distributes Apple iPhones, iPads and Airpods internationally. The main task and object of our company is building long live business connetcions and keeping in touch with our customers and partners.

You can get your desired product(s) in any quantity for marketable prices. Your order will be delivered in highest safety.

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In light of the coronavirus pandemic, we would like to update you potential impacts of the virus on our company dispatch and delivery services.

We generally recommend contactless delivery options whenever possible, to avoid personal contacts and the dissemination of the virus. The safest delivery of your order enjoys our highest priority.

The virus forced many companies to change their system immediately to home-office. This happened unexpectedly and slowed them by administrating and delivering their orders.

Our company managed these changes very well and serves its customers as fast as possible. There aren’t any significant delays or complications of our deliveries.

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